Winona Grey
Winona Grey
Online Portfolio of Arizona Documentary Photographer, Winona Grey

Living Well

There is a sense of wonder that I carry with me and a deep honor I feel whenever I am paid well to do creative work. It would be remiss of me to display this body of work without a note to express my gratitude.

I would not be the artist I am without the graciousness and guidance of people who recognized something in my work and shared attention and knowledge, and used power and resources in my favor.

I recognize the privilege that sometimes grants me passage through areas and scenes where access is limited.

The lives we live inevitably become aspects of the art we create. Memories of childhood hunger give me an instinct for little details that might otherwise go unnoticed. These little details whisper to me of thriving and abundance. I can’t let a plate of good food pass by me without documenting it. I tune into joyful laughter so quickly in a scene.

I would not be the artist I am if I hadn’t experienced great hardship. after many years of struggle, I can see how the obstacles were also opportunities.